About Us


Edi5 Foundation is composed of young professionals, committed to eradicating illiteracy in our country. Each of us has adopted the cause of fulfilling the educational necessities of one underprivileged child. EDI5 currently has 30+ members, who contribute financially almost every month.

Whom Do we Help?

We provide support to any children/graduate who is in dire need of sponsorship for their education.

Importance will be given to orphan/child with a single parent / differently able / poor but meritorious student.

How Do we Help?

When any of the EDI5 members gets a sponsorship request he/she forwards it to the core team members. The EDI5 team analyses the request and assigns a set of team members to proceed further where a thorough background check is done. The beneficiary’s financial status and academic proficiency are given greater importance.

When someone fits the above criteria, EDI5 extends financial support to the student, by visiting in person or issuing cheques in the name of the School/college Management. All the educational and related expenses will be covered in this.

We believe in long-term commitments and continue supporting the chosen person until he/she is able to stand on their own. EDI5 will monitor the academic progress of each student sponsored. There will be an annual review of each sponsored student and a decision will be made regarding continuing the sponsorship to them for the next academic year, based on their academic performance.